Becoming a Pod Person

In addition to the overall jump-in-the-deep-end adventure of embarking on this whole audiobook career thing, I’ve been working at doing more things that scare me.  Although I am not exactly shy and retiring, I am remarkably reticent (or I was) about self-promotion, and I had never been on a podcast or been interviewed before.  But I was hanging out on Twitter and saw someone looking for audiobook narrators to interview for her book-related podcast.  I felt deeply unworthy…after all, I only had three audiobooks to my name and was a complete unknown.  But the worst she could say was “No.” right?  So I asked the interviewer how experienced a narrator she was looking for… One thing led to another and the incredibly fun and gracious Tamara interviewed me in early Spring. In this podcast, you can hear me demo many of my voices…and talk about the fun of having one of my sons loudly doing Gollum in the Target checkout line when he was very small…  It’s a rambling and rather hilarious listen, I do believe. Plus you will hear all about the second book I did for Robert Kroese in the Starship Grifters series – Out of the Soylent Planet.



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