Con Artist


I went to SuperCon in Raleigh a week or so ago with my second son.  I had an absolute blast, cosplaying as a girlie Newt Scamander and talking to all sorts of wonderful artists, authors, and geeks of all ages. I discussed my work as an audiobook narrator with several people…and was absolutely chagrined to have to sheepishly answer “Um…no…not yet” whenever I was asked if I had a business card.  But I am heading to DragonCon at the end of the month and THIS TIME I will be ready! I designed and ordered my business cards last night.  This morning, since I was immobilized by a sleeping kitten in my lap, I designed this nifty collage on my phone of all my current work.  I’m ordering a shirt, travel mug, and tote bag off of Redbubble (I freakin’ love Redbubble) so I can wear myself out in more ways than one!

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